Commercial Laundry Products

Speed Queen 100 Years

Built Better To Last Longer

100 Years. It's a long time for any company to be at the forefront of an industry. And you'd think that a company that's been able to lead for that long must have a finely honed craft - a premier product. Well, you'd be right. For more than a century Speed Queen has built a legacy on providing equipment that stands up to any commercial laundry challenge. We make no compromises in performance. The result?

The most reliable machines in the industry - bar none!

We believe that strength comes from within. Speed Queen machines are built specifically for commercial environments. We use metal where others use plastic. Our world class Test Lab rigorously pushes our products far beyond the conditions they'll face in the field. We work hard at every point of our manufacturing process to ensure our machines are

Built Better to Last Longer!